Thursday, November 10, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}


We got new living room curtains!  And they are just what I wanted and they didn't even cost much.  We lived in our last house for seven years and never did much decorating or customizing of things since we knew we'd move some day.  It's wonderful to be in our forever home and to really make it ours.  I love it here.


Some tangible proof that my husband loves me.  He picked this up for me along with a sweet card on his way home from work the other night.  What a guy!


These two love to dance.  I just start singing and they start dancing.  They have the funniest dance moves; such variety!  I only wish I could get a decent picture.  We've got lots of funny movies.


This is what it looks like behind the curtains.  Actually, over half of our windows look like this.  They were all beautifully white and then we had some work done to make the windows better, and they are better, but they certainly don't look it.  Oh well.  Someday I'll team up with a little jar of white paint and we'll make them pretty again.

round button chicken


  1. Oh, does that candy bar look good!! And it's awfully sweet that your little ones dance to your singing - sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Lisa! You made my day. You are the first person to comment here. Thanks for reading.