Monday, November 7, 2011

Possibly the Best $10 I Ever Spent

I've been meaning to get a kid's broom.  I found one on my way into our local toy shop tonight.  And it was only $10.  It's just like the real thing, only smaller!

The door we use most to come into and out of our house leads right into the kitchen.  And we have lots of lovely trees outside that are dropping lots of lovely leaves all over our deck.  And then we track them all into the kitchen.  Lovely.

This is the first real chore for our oldest child (he's three-and-a-half).  His job is to sweep a path from the kitchen door, across the deck, to the stairs.  And he LOVES to sweep.  Well, so far.

Auntie Leila did an awesome post about kids and chores over at Our Mother's Daughters:

I think it's so important to give kids jobs.  It teaches responsibility and it also gives the child a sense of place in the family.  My son feels important because he has a special job.  By doing his job, he is helping to take care of his family.  It's fun while the job is fun.  Eventually the newness of the broom and sweeping will wear off.  Then it will be time for a lesson in taking care of our home even when Johnny doesn't feel like it.  And that will also probably send me some chances to grow in virtue as well.  

But it's also nice to not have to sweep myself and to have a leaf-free(er) kitchen.

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